Register for support as a carer of a person with a disability

These guidelines are designed to help you understand what is required to receive appropriate support if you care for a person with a disability, medical, mental health condition, or a person who is frail aged.

Option 1

Complete the online Registration form and submit your medical documentation and confidentiality agreement. A staff member will then contact you to discuss your needs.

Option 2

Book an appointment with your Disability Advisor on campus.

What you need for your first appointment

  1. Complete the online Registration form or download the Registration form [DOC 150KB] and complete and bring to your appointment.
  2. Complete the Confidentiality agreement [DOC 54KB] and bring to your appointment
  3. Bring current supporting documentation from a relevant health practitioner that complies with the Documentary evidence guidelines [DOC 53KB].

and provide either:

  1. A comprehensive letter (on official letterhead) explaining the disability or medical condition, the impact on studies and recommendations on any services you require.
  2. Have your practitioner complete the Health practitioner's statement [DOC 58KB].