Alternative assessment arrangements

Extensions on assignments

Information about due dates, penalties for late submission and how to request an extension is available in your Subject Learning Guides in the LMS. In general, an extension request should be sent to your Subject Coordinator or Instance Leader. Please remember requests for extensions need to be submitted at least 3 days prior to the due date for the assessment task.

Extension requests should be made in extenuating circumstances such as illness, injury or other circumstance. Poor time management is not usually a reason to approve an extension. However if you are unable to meet the due date, were unable to submit an extension requesting on time and you have extenuating circumstances you can submit a special consideration request as long as the assessment task is worth more than 15% of the total subject.

If you require regular or longer than normal extensions please contact your Disability Advisor.

Changes to assignment methods

If you need to change your assignment methods or exam arrangements to accommodate the impacts of a disability, medical or mental health issue discuss this with a Disability Advisor, who can help negotiate with academic staff.

Alternative examination arrangements

If you require adjustments to your examinations to accommodate your disability, medical or mental health issue these need to be organised through your Disability Advisor. You may be entitled to additional time, specialist software, ergonomic furniture or use of a scribe.

Ensure you arrange these well in advance of the examinations.