Contact Speak Up

This form allows you to report a concern to Speak Up. Any information you share will be kept confidential, though we may need to take action if we believe a person’s safety is at risk.

If you wish to remain anonymous, leave the name and contact details section blank. Please note that reporting anonymously may limit our ability to respond to your concerns, because we cannot contact you for further information if required.

If you provide your contact details a member of our team will get in touch with you to respond to your concern, you will have an opportunity to provide more information and talk about resolving your concern.

Are you reporting on behalf of yourself or someone else?
What is your connection to La Trobe University?
Which of the following best describes the situation you are reporting?

For definitions, please see bullying,sexual violence,violence and wellbeing concerns.

Note for slow internet connections type details into a document and paste below