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Speak Up is a free and confidential* service for students who experience or witness unacceptable or concerning behaviour to seek advice, support and referrals. Click on the images below to find out more about the types of unacceptable or concerning behaviour we can assist you with.

When can I contact Speak Up?

Whenever you have safety or wellbeing concern for yourself or someone else, and you want confidential and free advice about what to do. You can still contact us if your concerns is off campus, if it happened a long time ago but continues to impact on you, or if you want remain anonymous.

What happens when I contact Speak Up?

We will contact you to talk about your support and safety options at the University and externally.

We will provide assistance and ongoing support to connect with any other services at the University or externally that can assist you. Any information you provide will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed without your request or permission*.

Contact Us

Telephone: 03 9479 8988 / Email: speakup@latrobe.edu.au / Submit the online reporting form below (you have the option to remain anonymous)

Connect with Speak Up

For emergency assistance, please call 000 or 03 9479 2222

“Thank you Speak Up so much for helping me… I really appreciated the conversation we had because it gave me strategies and skills in sticking up for myself. Coming to speak with your service really made a difference to me, and it really made my semester.”

*Please note that whilst we will endeavour to ensure that your information remains confidential there are limits that we must adhere to. Occasions when we can, without your permission, disclose information you provide include when we believe there is risk to you or others if action is not taken.

Bullying, discrimination and harassment

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Sexual violence and harassment

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Violence, stalking and threats

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Mental health and other wellbeing concerns

When something isn’t right.

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Cards of Support

To build on the existing support we can offer students, Speak Up collaborated with the Visual Art program in Bendigo to develop postcard messages, featuring student artwork, that offer positive messages such as strength, hope, self-love, taking one day at a time, and overcoming obstacles to empower students in coping, recovery and healing.

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