Refugee support

If you are a student fromĀ a refugee background and hold a permanent Humanitarian visa or Australian citizenship, we have a support program to assist you.

For information on special entry schemes and ways to get a place at University, explore pathways and entry schemes to La Trobe.

  • Contact the AccessAbility Hub, who can answer questions and provide assistance throughout your course.
  • Provision of personal tutors if required.
  • Assistance applying for a La Trobe University Access Scholarships for commencing students.

If you are from a refugee background, you may be eligible to apply through a Special Entry and Access Scheme (SEAS) to gain a place at University.

The course fees vary depending on the type of course you want to do and the units you take within that course. View the Student Contributions page, where you will find the approximate cost for one year's full-time study, for different types of courses. For more cost details of the course you wish to study, refer to our course guide.

You may be eligible to defer your fee payments via HECS-Help until after you have graduated and secured a job with good pay.

You do have to survive while you are studying, so you may have to work in the four months of University breaks and save money to live on. You may also want to think about studying part-time and working part-time. You may be eligible for Centrelink payments while you study if you have a full-time study load (which mean studying three or four subjects each semester). Contact Centrelink for more information.

Contact the AccessAbility Hub. They can:

  • answer questions about the University
  • provide you with some financial assistance
  • help you with applying for a place and scholarships at La Trobe.