Get the support you need

If you have concerns or need support, we're here for you.

We can help you determine your preferred course of action and recommend where to access the best support.

If you're a student...

We can assist you with issues involving problem behaviour by other students, or experiences in your personal life with no connection to La Trobe University. Please note - if you are a student and your concern relates to an administrative/academic issue or a La Trobe University staff member, please contact Student Complaints on 03 9479 5308.

If you're a staff member...

We can provide expert advice and information about problem student behaviour that may leave you feeling concerned, threatened or uncomfortable.   We will offer you options and referrals to help resolve your concerns and keep yourself and others safe. We are also available to run workshops and develop resources for your area. Please note - if you are a staff member with concerns about another staff member, or you need assistance and support regarding personal experiences outside of La Trobe University, please contact HR Assist on 03 9479 1234.

What can I report to Safer Community?

You can report anything that relates to problem student behaviour; whether you experience it, witness it or hear about it. This can include a range of issues, such as; sexual harm, bullying, violence, discrimination, stalking, and threats. If you’re a student you can contact us about things you’re concerned about in your personal life, not just things you experience in your university life.

What happens when I come to Safer Community?

When you come to Safer Community we will listen to your concern and discuss your options with you. We will provide you with expert advice, information and referrals dependent on what sort of outcome you would like. We will also keep a confidential record of what you tell us, this means that it can be referenced later if required.

Can I seek advice or report something anonymously?

Certainly. You can use our online reporting form if you would like to report anonymously, although remember that we are limited in the action we can take if you report anonymously and we cannot contact you back about your report. You could also remain anonymous if you call or meet us and choose not to provide your name. We encourage you to report in whichever way feels okay for you, we can still provide you with information, advice and referrals even if you to report anonymously.

What if it happened a long time ago?

We may still be able to provide you information and referrals, such academic assistance to succeed with your studies and personal emotional support and resources to assist you with coping. There is no time limit for reporting to us, although it may affect the outcome we are able to provide (due to limitations from other areas of the Uni or external services) but we will do our best to support you to achieve the outcome you are satisfied with.

What if I’m concerned about a friend or someone else?

You can come to Safer Community if your concern relates to someone else. We can listen to you and provide you with advice and information about supporting your friend yourself. Alternatively, you can report it to Safer Community and we can check in with the person directly and offer them support.

What if it happened off campus?

If the incident happened off campus, you can still come to us. We will provide you with the same response although it may require providing you with advice, information and referrals about external services, rather that internal services. If you feel uncomfortable about anything you’ve experienced you can contact us and we can support you or point you in the right direction to seek support.

Not sure your concern is a fit for our services?

Please get in touch so we can talk about it. You can call us on 03 9479 8988, or email

Safer Community is not an emergency or critical response service.
Reports, emails and voicemails are not reviewed outside of regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM).

Contact Safer Community

For emergency assistance, please call 000 or 03 9479 2222

*Please note that whilst we will endeavour to ensure that your information remains confidential there are limits that we must adhere to. Occasions when we can, without your permission, disclose information you provide include when we believe there is risk to you or others if action is not taken.