Safer Community

Previously known as Speak Up, Safer Community is a free, confidential support service for students who experience something concerning, threatening, inappropriate or uncomfortable. We provide expert advice and information, will offer you options and referrals to help resolve your concerns and keep yourself and others safe. Find out more about contacting Safer Community on the Get the Support You Need page. Click on the images below to find out more about the types of issues we can assist you with.

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Telephone: (03) 9479 8988
On Campus: Bundoora PE level 2, and Bendigo SSC

Or submit the online reporting form below (you have the option to remain anonymous)

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For emergency assistance, please call: 000 or 03 9479 2222

Bullying, discrimination and harassment

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Sexual harm

It’s not your fault.

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Domestic, Family and IntimatePartner Violence

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Aggression, Stalking and Threats

When something isn’t right.

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Flip the Script

Empowering women to resist acquaintance sexual assault and defend their sexual safety

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Cards of support

Positive postcard messages of love and support from our students, to our students

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Respect at La Trobe

Student safety is a key priority. We are working hard to make our campuses are safe places

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“I really appreciated the conversation we had because it gave me strategies and skills in sticking up for myself. Coming to speak with your service really made a difference to me, and it really made my semester.”

*Please note that whilst we will endeavour to ensure that your information remains confidential there are limits that we must adhere to. Occasions when we can, without your permission, disclose information you provide include when we believe there is risk to you or others if action is not taken.