Resources and links

Key organisations

ANROWS: Australia's national research organisation guiding policy & practice to reduce violence against women and their children

Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria : Provide a range of resource to help stop family violence.

Office eSafety Commissioner: Lots of great online safety resources and support/report options

Our Watch: Respected authority driving changes in culture, behaviours to prevent violence against women and promote gender equality.

The Line: Linked to Our Watch, this is a resource to help young people develop health and equal relationships

Vic Health :  Engaged in work on the prevention of violence against women

Women’s Health in the North: Working to eliminate gender inequities and partners with La Trobe in Building a Respectful Community

Bystander action

Bystander action on preventing violence against women: Vic Health

Bystander action on preventing race discrimination: Vic Health

Doing Nothing does harm- series of videos by Our Watch to encourage bystander action when you see disrespect towards women

Be a Better Human Campaign: Initially developed by students at Flinders University but rolled out by our student union and associations here at La Trobe

Examples of how to be a Better Bystander: UN Women Asia and the Pacific

By Stander Action Online: Together We’re Stronger, Gender Equity Victoria

Bystander Campaign Video-Shopping Scenario: Western Sydney bystander action on racism

Bystander Campaign Video-Sporting Scenario: Western Sydney bystander action on racism

Bystander Campaign Video-Online Scenario: Western Sydney bystander action on online racism

Consent as a cup of tea: Simple video comparing consent with asking someone if they want a cup of tea.

Wanna have sex? (Consent 1010): Great video showing when sexual consent is and is not present including non verbal signs.

Sexual Consent: Great video by Monash Uni students to explain consent.

Gender inequality

Change the Story: Our Watch Video which shows the link between gender inequality and violence against women

Change the Story: Our Watch Infographic showing link between gender inequality and violence against women

Attitudes to Gender Inequality and Violence against Women: Vic Health

Respectful relationships

The Line: Lots of resources and support for young people navigating relationships

Love Control: Recognising the early signs of an abusive relationship. Video by Women’s Health in the North and Victorian Women’s Trust