Events and activities

Throughout the year, you can get involved in events and activities that promote and enhance a safe, connected and respectful environment.

Student-led campaign Respect The Difference

This campaign  started in March 2016 with a photobooth day and the establishment of a Facebook page.The Facebook page shares content that has been created through the Respect at La Trobe initiative, as well as  public events, campaigns, and videos that inform and educate. From Islamic Awareness Week to Pride Week, Respect at La Trobe always aims to be inclusive of everyone's interests  and to get people participating in events that unite the community.

Adaptive Leadership Program

We support our current student leaders by providing them with training on Adaptive Leadership. Run by Polykala, the sessions will be facilitated at the Melbourne and Bendigo campuses. The training will focus on:

  • adaptive leadership
  • bystander action
  • negotiation skills.

One of the aims of the program is to empower student leaders, to role model appropriate behaviours and support them in taking bystander action, while it also contributing to developing their broader leadership and employability skills.

Cultural Diversity Calendar

Keep track of cultural holidays

Spiritual Diversity calendar 2018 [PDF 267KB]

Spiritual Diversity Calendar 2019 [PDF 267KB]