AccessAbility and Inclusion academic awards

We like to award our staff who demonstrate they value, respect and support our students.

If you are a student who identifies as Autistic, ADHD, Dyslexic and/or another minority neurotype or you live with or have a mental health condition, ongoing medical condition or disability (including physical, neurological, intellectual, sensory, acquired brain injury, or specific learning difficulty), then you may have received additional support from an academic member of staff.

We recognise and award academic members of staff who have:

  • gone above and beyond to actively welcome you to La Trobe University
  • fostered an inclusive learning environment that supports the contribution and wellbeing of all
  • assisted you to implement academic adjustments that are over and above your LAP recommendations, where appropriate
  • created a curriculum that includes more than one way for students to learn and show their understanding.

If you have had the pleasure of dealing with such a staff member and would like to nominate them for an AccessAbility and Inclusion Academic Award. Please fill in our form below.

Nominations close November 1st

It is incredibly moving that a student suggested that we have these awards. It means a huge amount to me to know that students feel the impact of our efforts, and incredible that the little things that we do can have profound implications for student lives and academic achievement

A nominated staff member in 2021

Dr Kirsty Duncanson

Senior Lecturer, Crime, Justice and Legal Studies

Dr Nicholas Barry

Senior Lecturer, Politics

Dr Raul Sanchez-Urribarri

Senior Lecturer in Crime, Justice and Legal Studies at the Department of Social Inquiry

Ms Lauren Barker

Casual Academic, Social Work, Regional Health Services

Ms Lyndel Kennedy

Casual Academic, Psychology and Counselling

Ms Madeline Hannington

Casual Academic, Physiotherapy and Podiatry

Professor James Leibold

Head of Department, Politics, Media and Philosophy, Melbourne

Dr Rebecca Flower

Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, Counselling, and Therapy

Mrs Sarah Carroll

Casual Academic, Education

Mr Steven Lanham

Casual Academic, Public Health

Dr Travis Dutka

Senior Lecturer, Ecology, Environment & Evolution, Melbourne

Dr Yassir Morsi

Lecturer, Gender, Sexuality & Diversity Studies, Melbourne

Ms Bec Kavanagh

Casual Academic, Creative Arts and English

Dr Ben Habib

Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, Melbourne

Dr Adam Staples

Senior Lecturer, Art Education STEAM Education

Dr Angeline Leece

Casual Academic, Archaeology

Ms Catina Adams

Lecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Melbourne

Ms Cheryl Neilson

Lecturer based in the Latrobe Rural Health School in Bendigo.

Dr Darren O’Donovan

Senior Lecturer, Law Melbourne

Dr Emma Russell

Senior Lecturer, Crime, Justice & Legal Studies

Dr Eric Pardede

Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology and the Director of Learning and Teaching in the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Ms Bojana Šarkić

Lecturer and PhD candidate in Audiology in the Discipline of Audiology, School of Allied Health

Dr Sarah MacLean

Associate Professor, Social Work and Social Policy