What does LGBTIQ+ mean

You may have seen this acronym before, or ones with a similar combination of letters. LGBTIQ is an acronym that includes commonly used definitions of people who are not heterosexual (exclusively attracted to the opposite sex), cis-gendered (define their gender as male or female), or biologically male or female.

We recognise that LGBTIQ is not an all-inclusive term. For example, it does not encompass gender fluidity, asexuality or agender. We use this acronym deliberately to be as inclusive as possible without constantly adding letters to the acronym, with the risk of confusing people. You are welcome to use our Counselling Services no matter how you define your sexuality, gender or sex.

You'll find more useful information at:

  • Northside Clinic - a private GP clinic providing medical care and a safe and friendly environment for LGBTIQ and HIV positive communities in Melbourne’s North.
  • Australian Human Rights Commission has some great resources on sex, sexuality and gender identity and your rights.