Find support and get involved

Support and connection

Counselling Services LGBTIQ programs include individual counselling and support as well as opportunities to connect with the LGBTIQ community at and around your campus.

La Trobe Counselling Services Queer Counsellors

  • Bundoora -  Davina Morley 03 9479 2956
  • Bendigo - Lachlan Slade 03 5444 7223
  • Shepparton - 03 5820 8631
  • Albury/Wodonga - 03 6024 9627
  • Mildura - 03 5051 4083

'Resources and available support are advertised freely, in contrast to high school where you could be forgiven for thinking there was no support available. La Trobe didn’t necessarily make my coming out possible, but it definitely made it much easier and more manageable.' Riley – Student at Bendigo Campus.

LGBTIQ on-campus social groups

Come along to one of our LGBTIQ events, social groups or help us organise them.

We have LGBTIQ social and support groups on the Bendigo and Melbourne Campuses. These groups (Queer Chat in Melbourne, and Rainbow Eagles in Bendigo) allow LGBTIQ people to meet other LGBTIQ people, and talk about their sexuality, gender, and sex in a safe and inclusive space.

To get involved in the group at your campus contact:

  • Bendigo - Lachlan Slade 5444 7223
  • Melbourne -  Davina Morley 9479 2956.

'Hi, we're Zac and Ellen, and we're the Queer Peers at the Melbourne Campus. We're students who work with Counselling Services to run Queer Chat, organise Pride Week and plan social activities like monthly films in the Agora Cinema. We also have a Facebook page where you can connect with our community and find out what's going on.'

Get involved in LGBTIQ events on your campus

We organise and participate in events to celebrate the LGBTIQ community at La Trobe. Get involved in one of our events:

  • Pride Week - a celebration held on the Melbourne and Bendigo campuses of the pride we feel about the strength of our LGBTIQ community and a recognition of the needs to remove the barriers that still exist.
  • IDAHOBIT - the International Day Against HOmophobia, BIphobia and Transphobia is 17 May. On this day in 1990 the World Health Organisation stopped classifying homosexuality as a mental disease. At La Trobe it is an opportunity for the straight, cisgendered and LGBTIQ communities to stand together.

To get involved in either Pride Week or IDAHOBIT, contact: