Tips and resources for parents and carers

We know this is a trying time for parents and carers. Juggling responsibilities such as work, studying from home and homeschooling. There is an overwhelming amount of articles and news items out there. Below are some tips and resources to help keep well.

Realise some days/ moments will be better than others, so hang in there. Draw on your resilience and strength from past endeavours. There is no such thing as the perfect parent and a perfect way of parenting.

You are now juggling more responsibilities and constant interruptions from family members. Therefore you may need to reset your expectations of yourself and others. Your kids learning won’t suffer from being out of school for a few months. While you will do your best, you were not trained to be a teacher. Set smaller, but ongoing goals for study. Break it down into realistic chunks of time and give yourself a pat on the back whatever you manage to achieve. You may need to drop a subject or reset your expectations around grade outcomes.

There is no just thing as the perfect parent, student or individual. In current circumstances, work at what you can realistically achieve and don’t give up.

Sometimes, just sharing the pain and some laughs with others in the same situation can help. They often can share useful tips and resources for coping.

With so many people in a confined space each day every day. Expect that things will get messy and this is no time to be keeping up with the Jones! So, what if your child mucks up and embarrasses you in a zoom meeting or presentation. Just accept and let go of the worry. You are doing an amazing job, so recognise it.

Additional support and resources

Internal resources

External resources

  • Financial support for a list of financial support explore our comprehensive financial support page.
  • External support a comprehensive list of external support ranging from 24hr crisis support to emergency food and housing.

If you know of any great resources we may have missed or would like to provide any feedback. Let us know. Email us at