Helping a friend

You may be concerned about a friend who looks like they're not coping, or who is acting out of character. Youth Beyond Blue and Headspace offer great resources for helping out a friend. Try the Check-in app that helps you prepare to talk to your friend about your concern for them.

It's important to encourage your friend to seek support. You could suggest that they speak with their family, or that they meet with a local doctor or one of our counsellors. If your friend doesn't want to meet someone face-to-face, you could suggest telephone or online support.

If you are worried that your friend may be suicidal, or you think someone is at risk of imminent harm, please refer to the emergency contacts. In these cases, getting expert help is more important than protecting your friend's confidentiality.

Sometimes feeling concerned about a friend can take a personal toll on you. Make sure you take care of yourself and talk to someone you trust if the situation is stressing you.

Speak with one of our counsellors if you're not sure how best to support your friend, or if you need support.