Healthy eating on campus

Food for thought

Where to access healthy food options on campus

  • Fuel juice bar: sell snack packs for approximately $6 which are little containers with cheese, crackers, celery, cucumber, carrots, walnuts, almonds, sultanas and some dried fruit
  • Real good food: sell fresh smoothies/juices made from fresh fruit pieces, raw sweet treats (healthy treats) salad bowls made from organic produce. With a price range of $6-10.
  • Espresso: they sell focaccia rolls filled with nutritious greens and meat for protein
  • Supernatural: Fresh and healthy food including seasonal ingredients. They roast their own coffee beans and have carefully selected their packaging to be eco-friendly. They sell chef designed meals at a convenience, and also cater to food needs such as vegans and those with special dietary requirements. From sweets to savoury they have something for everyone to enjoy without you feeling guilty when you eat it. With price varying for different items, they are located on the corner facing the student hub before the agora.
  • Cafe Veloci - From salads to pastas this cafe has it all. You can sit down and have breakfast; eggs on toast, who can resist. With a salad bar and a sandwich bar (approx $7.50) and even pre-packed goodies such as nuts packs and yoghurt with muesli. Located on the upstairs level of the agora.
  • BAM BAM cafe- smashed avocado and coffee, sandwiches etc. BAM BAM Cafe has amazing focaccia rolls that are filled with all sorts of roasted seasonal vegetables, that is a healthy food option to provide enough energy for an individual to get through the day
  • If you’re looking for something sweet, the Arcade stocks PANA CHOCOLATE, gluten free vegan chocolate that doesn’t even taste healthy, just delicious.

Creating healthy meals on a budget

Dairy free lunch recipe:

Ingredients: brown rice, tuna and lemon

Method: once brown rice is cooked, mix with tuna and lemon juice and enjoy!

Late to class (green) smoothie which takes only 3 minutes to prepare:

Ingredients: ½ cup mixed berries, a banana, 2 tablespoons of chopped almonds, handful of spinach and a cup of water - blend and serve

Estimated cost: $2.50 per serving

Quinoa salad:

Ingredients: quinoa, roasted pumpkin, roasted beetroot and feta. For added flavor and seasoning on top, add some salt and pepper

Dairy free breakfast smoothie:

Ingredients: Chia seeds, oats or muesli, almond milk, banana, assorted berries, honey (if you want something sweeter) and you can add protein if you like.

Method: Combine chia seeds and almond milk in blending glass first and allow the chia seeds to absorb for a few minutes, add some more almond milk, oats/muesli, fruit and any other ingredients to suit your needs. Blend, and away you go.

Chia seed pudding:

Ingredients: coconut milk, chia seeds, vanilla extract, agave syrup.

Method: blend all ingredients together, place in a cup and refrigerate overnight.

Gourmet style breakfast (minus the hefty fee)

Ingredients: sweet potato, egg, salt and pepper

Method: Slice some sweet potato and pop it in the toaster, toasting it roughly three times, add an egg with salt and pepper

Estimated cost: 2x sweet potato slice $0.20* + 2 eggs $0.75* = 85 cents!

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