Intimate partner violence and sexual assault

Violence is a significant social problem in Australia and occurs both in people's public and private lives. We understand that you may be at risk of, or have experienced intimate partner violence and sexual assault within your lifetime. Intimate partner violence includes violent or threatening behaviour, or any other forms of behaviour that coerces or controls family members or intimate partners, which causes that person to be fearful. Intimate partner violence may include physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and financial abuse. Sexual violence refers to sexual activity that happens without freely given consent. It occurs anytime a person is forced, coerced or manipulated into any unwanted sexual activity, such as touching, sexual harassment and intimidation, sexual assault and rape.

Get support

We want to ensure you feel safe and supported and we provide counselling services to enable you to cope and overcome any associated trauma.

The Bundoora campus has an Outreach Counsellor from NCASA (Northern Centre Against Sexual Assault) available every Wednesday.  To make an appointment please contact the Duty Worker on 03 9479 2956 or NCASA direct on 03 9496 2240.

Make a counselling appointment by contacting counselling service or via the campus offices. Counsellors can also refer you to other services that provide support for people experiencing intimate partner violence or sexual assault.

La Trobe is committed to violence prevention and victim support and we recognise that violence of all forms is unacceptable.