Group programs and workshops

We run free groups and workshops around study-related skills, health and wellbeing every semester.

Suggest your own group

We are happy to run a workshop tailored to your needs if there is enough interest to form a group .

Examples include:

  • placement preparation
  • Improving skills in communication, time management and/or organisation.

Contact us to discuss your group needs.

Get involved

We welcome and encourage student involvement in the work we do. Here's how you can get involved:

  • Contact us if you would like to help out with one of the events planned at your campus.
  • Request that we run a group tailored to your needs, if you have a group of students who want to participate (e.g. managing placements)
  • Ask to participate in the Student Ambassadors program (see below).

In the past we have developed different programs to enable students to participate in a voluntary capacity. We are open to ideas, so contact us with your suggestions.