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This FAQ contains answers to a lot of the common questions that were asked during the prototyping and user analysis stage of the 1BS project.

If there is something missing please let the project team know by emailing

Booking and Access

  • How do I book a 1BS? - check the user guide under "How do I book a One Button Studio?".
  • How can I get physical access to the 1BS? - Staff and Students have automatic card access to the One Button Studios on their campus. If you are having issues accessing a 1BS on your campus notify
  • Can I book the 1BS after hours? - Yes but if you require additional building access you will need to arrange this with your departmental head.
  • How many people can I have in the 1BS? - depending on which studio you are using, the amount of people that can comfortably fit ranges from 3 (ED2-327) to 15 (Mildura)
  • Is there a security camera in the 1BS? - Yes

Studio Orientation

Familiarise yourself with the studio before you use it by watching this short video.

02 Studio Orientation

one button studio orientation

How to use the One Button Studio

  • How do I use the One Button Studio? - check the user guide under "Using the studio".
  • What type of video file does the 1BS produce? - a h264 codec .mp4
  • Can I access group drives from the 1BS? - yes, One Note and your departmental group drives are available on the whiteboard via your active directory login.

Watch this video for an overview of the basic functionality and operation of the One Button Studio.

03 User walk through

one button studio user walk through

Student Login and Student Access to the 1BS

    • How does a student login to the whiteboard computer? - To login to the whiteboard computer as a student use the domain students\your_user_name (& password)
    • Can students access the 1BS? - Yes. Students, like Staff, have card access to the studios on the campus they are enrolled in. If there are problems with access students can call 94792012 or email

Using the Whiteboard, Pens and setting up presentations

Video Camera

Can I adjust the frame or position of the camera? - no, the camera is set at a default position that is wide enough to enable two people to sit either side of the whiteboard and co-deliver a presentation. If you need to crop or reframe your presentation this is best done in post-production with a video editor such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe Elements. Please consult the user guide on editing for further guidance. Editing your video.

Editing and Publishing the video

With the right preparation you can avoid editing by completing your presentation with one or more takes in the 1BS. If you aim for small recordings of between 5 to 10 minutes this is quite achievable. Remember, the videos don't have to be absolutely perfect and some level of informality in the presentation humanises the delivery. Lectures have a lot of informal moments like pauses, adjusting notes or attending to slides for example, it's ok if these small moments are a part of your 1BS presentation. If you would like to edit your video please refer to the following.

  • Why is the audio and video of my 1BS recording out of sync? The 1BS recording application produces an mp4 file that has a variable frame rate. We have found that this causes the audio and video to play out of sync in various media players and video editors. Be assured there is no problem with the source file but only with the type of player reading that file. We recommend you use VLC player as your default media player for playing back and reviewing 1BS recorded files.
  • Installing the software you need for editing and playback. The software you need for playback and editing of 1BS files can be installed from the self-service center on your La Trobe workstation PC or Mac. Refer to the self-service installation guide for more information. You will need to install VLC player, Miro Video converter and Adobe Premiere Elements (basic video editor) or Adobe Premiere Pro (advanced video editor).
  • Preparing a 1BS video for editing. Once you have installed VLC, Miro and Premiere. Import your video into Miro Video Converter and convert it to "mp4" before you import it in to Premiere, this will correct the sync issue created by the variable frame rate.
  • How can I edit a video once completed? - Please refer to our user guide on Editing your video. Additionally most readily available software like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie is useable on compatible devices.
  • How can I publish a video once completed? - please refer to our user guide on Publishing your video
  • Can I access the LMS from the 1BS? - you can access the LMS as per normal via your active login on the La Trobe University website.
  • Can I publish directly to my Echo EMI shell from the 1BS? - yes but only by using Echo360 Screencapture

Using the Monitors

  • What are the two monitors at the back of the studio for? - the two monitors opposite the whiteboard sit above and below the video camera that records the 1BS video. The top monitor is a preview monitor of the video recording, it shows you exactly what the video camera is recording. The bottom monitor is a dual monitor or extended display for the whiteboard. This is useful for hosting presenter notes in PowerPoint for example so you can read off prompts and notes while your main slide show is presented to the camera. There is more information in the user guide on PowerPoint - Setting up PowerPoint.
  • How do I enable a second monitor for autocue? - A true autocue facility is not featured in the 1BS but it is possible to create a modified set of prompts by placing text on PowerPoint slides. Please consult the PowerPoint user guide Setting up PowerPoint for more information.
  • How do I enable the extended or duplication screen on the bottom monitor? - press the windows key and the P key together (win+p)

General questions regarding production in the 1BS

  • Can I use YouTube in my 1BS video? - Technically yes, the audio from the whiteboard pc is routed to the 1BS recording. Regarding copyright, please check your permissions, generally it is fine if your presentation is only shown internally to La Trobe via the LMS.
  • Are there alternatives to the 1BS available? - The Digital Media Development Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the educational technology available at La Trobe University.
  • How do I best give a presentation in the 1BS? - A guide to presentation with some helpful hints is available HERE (YouTube)
  • Can I do a greenscreen recording in the 1BS? - you can if you use a green or blue slide on the whiteboard then import your recording into a video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro and key and crop the video there.
  • Can I bring my own video equipment into the 1BS? - yes, you can use the studio as a quiet space for recording if you wish to use your own equipment. The acoustically treated studio, lighting and whiteboard are all helpful features for DIY video recording.
  • Can I do an audio only recording in the 1BS? - Technically no, but audio can be stripped from a video recording, please consult the user guide for Editing your video.
  • Do you have a 16:9 powerpoint template? - yes, one is available on the whiteboard desktop.
  • Is there an autocue? - no, a true autocue facility is not featured in the 1BS but it is possible to create a modified set of prompts by placing text on PowerPoint slides. Please consult the PowerPoint user guide for more information.

Getting further help and providing feedback

  • Who can I call if something goes wrong or I need help? - If you are unable to answer your questions via this FAQ or Troubleshooting guide or if there is a technical problem you can contact ICT on x1500
  • How can I feedback to 1BS? - The 1BS project team are very keen to improve the user experience of the 1BS so we welcome and enthusiastically encourage users to send feedback and comments to use via email at