Video Examples

Below are examples of videos produced by the One Button Studios.

Video using a PowerPoint presentation

Cameron Shand 1BS Competition Entry

Sahil Mishra 1BS Competition Entry

Video with presentation only

Kenechukwu Asiuloka 1BS Competition Entry

Aswiney and JGeale 1BS Competition Entry

Video with interviews

Stephen Truong 1BS Competition Entry

Video using a Green Screen

Management Fundamentals 1BS Green Screen Example

How is it done?

This video made use of the Green Screen powerpoint slide found in the powerpoint template on the 1BS whiteboard desktop. Simply record your video in front of the Green Screen (green slide) and then import the video into your video editor of choice, then apply the relevant chromakey effect.

Watch this video for a guide on how to create a greenscreen in Premiere Pro

Why use this method?

Pros - If you haven't had time to prepare the background images for your presentation then you may prefer to add them later in post-production/editing.

Cons - The 1BS is designed to make the video recording process simple and not require editing. Therefore by preparing your slides before hand  you can avoid or limit the amount of editing required. Creating a key in a video editor requires some learning but is not too difficult to do.