NVivo student licence agreement

Upon receipt of this software:

  1. I will not distribute or copy the media supplied.
  2. I acknowledge,
    1. That the supplied license is valid while it is current and I am an employee of La Trobe University;
    2. The installed license is for University business purposes only.
  3. I acknowledge the support limitations when installing software on non-University owned systems.
  4. I acknowledge the license is installed at my own risk and La Trobe University holds no liability for problems arising from the installation of this software.
  5. Upon expiry of the license or if I am no longer an employee of the University I will remove/destroy the installed software.

Type of Download

NVivo Plus 12 (32-bitfor Windows)
NVivo Plus 12 (64-bit for Windows)
NVivo Plus 12 (for Mac)