Microsoft Imagine (formerly DreamSpark)

Note: If you are looking for Microsoft Imagine Academy (free training) please visit the Microsoft Imagine Academy page.

La Trobe University extends students the right to use select Microsoft software for campus-related purposes at home.

The software may be used only while the user is an eligible student of La Trobe University and the Campus Agreement is valid. The software must be removed from personal computers when you are no longer a student of the University or when the Agreement expires.

Students are not licensed to use the software at home for personal purposes. Students do not own the licence, rather they are leasing the license from La Trobe University for the term of the Agreement.

How do I access the software?

The Microsoft Imagine software is made available through the OnTheHub webstore.

  1. Navigate to
  2. In the top-right corner of the window, click Sign In.
    On The Hub webstore.
  3. Enter your student username e.g. 01234567 or ccharles.
  4. Enter your student account password and click Login.
  5. Click Start Shopping.

OnTheHub premium software

Premium software is available to some SHE students (formerly FSTE and FHS) only. Your access to the Premium software is based on your enrolment status at the start of semester.

If enrolled in a course that you believe should give access to Premium software and you do not see Microsoft Imagine Premium when logged in to the OnTheHub store, please see your course supervisor to request ICT update the access.