Office 365

Your La Trobe email will be in the format of OR

1. Click Log in to Office 365 below.
2. Enter your La Trobe username ( and password.
3. Click Sign in.

Log in to Office 365

Download Office Pro Plus for free

Office Pro Plus can be downloaded and installed on your PC or Mac for free.

Installing Office Apps for Windows and MacOS

1) Login to Office365 using your student account

2) Click 'Install Office' > 'Office 365 apps' at the top-right of the dashboard to begin downloading the installer

3) Run the installer after it completes downloading

The installer will automatically install all Office Apps onto your PC (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more).

Installing Office apps on iOS and Android

You can install Office Apps individually on Android and iOS.

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Install Office Apps from the App Store individually by searching for the app (e.g Microsoft Word).


Install Office Apps from the Google Play Store by searching for the app (e.g Microsoft Word)

Access Office Apps using your web browser

Office Apps are also available for use in a supported web browser (e.g Chrome, Firefox). Some features of Office Apps that are available in the client applications are not available in the web version. Because of this, we recommend installing Office Apps on your computer if it is compatible.

You can access Office Apps in your web browser at (sign in using your student account).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between my username and email address?

At La Trobe university you will have a student id number, a student username and a student email address. This can be a bit confusing so we have a helpful video that will explain the difference between these and outlines when to use them.

Watch Video

How do I login to Office356?

You can login to Office365 using your student username and password. Your username will be formatted as, '<your student ID>'.

What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is cloud storage we recommend using to save and backup your La Trobe files. For more information, see our OneDrive webpage.

I already have Office Apps installed. How do I activate Office apps?

You can activate your Office Apps by signing in using your La Trobe student account. You should automatically be prompted to sign in to activate Office if it's deactivated. Otherwise, on Windows you can find this option in the File > Account section of all Office Apps (e.g Word).

How many devices can I activate Office Apps?

You can activate Office on five devices at the same time. This includes any combination of PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones. If you'd like to sign out of a device, you can do so from your Office365 portal > Apps & devices.

How do I sign out everywhere with my student account?

You can sign out of your student account on all devices by navigating to your Office365 profile and clicking 'Sign out everywhere' (under your profile name).

My Office Apps wont activate. What can I do?


Common issues with the Windows Office Apps can be resolved by running a repair of the installation. Do do this, open Control Panel > Programs & Features. Select 'Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise' (yours may be named slightly different) and click 'Change'. You will be presented with an option to run a 'Quick' or 'Full' repair. After the repair is complete, restart your PC and try launching one of the apps again.

If issues persist with activation, you can try running the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant (SaRA). This tool will ask a series of questions regarding the issue your experiencing with Office Apps and attempt to solve them automatically. The SaRA tool can be downloaded here.


Common issues with the MacOS Office Apps can be resolved by running the Office License Removal Tool. The Tool will remove the Office Apps license files on your mac and thus allow you to re-sign in using your La Trobe account to activate. If you own a personal license for your installation of Office Apps, we do not recommend using this tool.