Is your issue a complaint?

During your studies, you may need assistance to resolve an issue with the University. This might be an administrative matter, a problem with a subject or course, or involve the alleged inappropriate conduct of a student or staff member. Our Student Complaints Mechanism (SCM) can help you resolve the issue.

Complaints to submit via the SCM

Complaints submitted via the SCM may relate to:

  • customer service/administration issues
  • matters of process related to the University experience
  • academic standards and educational quality related issues
  • third parties providing services on behalf of La Trobe
  • behaviour by other students or University staff, which contravenes a code of conduct or policy.

Unacceptable Behaviours

If you have concerns or need support about any of the unacceptable behaviours listed above, you should contact La Trobe University’s Safer Community service in the first instance. Safer Community is a free and confidential service for students who experience or witness unacceptable or concerning behaviour to seek advice, support and referrals. Safer Community can help you determine your preferred course of action and recommend where to access the best support.

Please note that engaging with Safer Community does not prevent you from submitting a formal complaint about your concerns at any point in time.

Other processes that are not managed by the Student Complaints Office in the first instance

The following issues cannot be actioned by the SCM in the first instance. Please access the information via the hyperlinks below for the correct administrative pathway for these matters:

If you are not sure where to go?

If you are unsure if your issue can be processed by the Student Complaints Office, you can contact us via telephone or email at or 9479 8979.

You can also submit a complaint via the online form. If your issue falls outside the operation of the of the Student Complaints Office, we can refer you to the appropriate area within the University to submit your concern.