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If your complaint relates to a particular course you must provide this information before your complaint will be investigated
If your complaint relates to a particular subject you must provide this information before your complaint will be investigated
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We require your complaint in writing. If you have accessibility requirements please contact us for an alternative method of communication.
Anonymity Please be advised that as stated in the Student Complaints Management Policy, students may elect to remain anonymous when lodging a complaint. In certain circumstances, electing to remain anonymous may restrict the University's ability to assist, or may limit the complaint outcomes available to a student. (For example complaints regarding the marking of individual assessments)


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  • I agree to act in good faith and actively engage in the Student Complaint Management System processes; and
  • I understand that the information I provide will be treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to a third party unless required.
  • I understand should issues of concern in relation to my wellbeing be raised within my complaint, I may be referred to the Student Wellbeing team for support which may include establishing contact to link me in with relevant resources

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Confidentiality and Privacy statement

All information provided will be treated as confidential. At La Trobe University, we respect the privacy of your personal information. We collect and use the personal information provided on this form to address your concerns. In accordance with privacy laws, personal information about you contained in your enquiry will not be used for any other purpose. You may have the right to access personal information we hold about you, subject to any exceptions in relevant laws. The La Trobe University privacy policy can be viewed at: