Pre-study programs

These programs focus on preparing you for your university study.

Smart skills

If you are enrolled in a non-metropolitan campus, then joining the Smart Skills program is the best start you can make. With a focus on academic skills, it prepares you for the transition to university and gives you a head start.

There are currently no Smart Skills workshops available.

Ready 4 Uni

Ready4Uni is designed to help you prepare for studying at La Trobe. Find out about academic techniques for learning, tips for success, how to make friends though clubs and societies, support services, and much more.

Get Started
Prepare for your first week at University.
My Course
Find out what you can expect in your course.
ASK for Help
ASK La Trobe, your one-stop help service.

Academic integrity Module

The AIM will teach you about La Trobe's values and its academic integrity standards so you are informed about how to avoid plagiarism and academic misconduct. You will examine and discuss examples of academic misconduct cases and find out the likely consequences of your decisions. You will consolidate your understanding of academic misconduct with a quiz.

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Take the DIALANG test of English to see if your language skills are strong enough to cope with the demands of university study. It's free and the results are confidential (only you will see them).

Do the Dialang test