Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor program connects new students with more experienced students in their area of study to get off to a great start at university.

This program is designed to help you to connect with students in your School to build community, promote connectedness, and share experiences of Uni life and study. A Peer mentor from your School hosts these interactive opportunities and are a great opportunity to chat with other students, ask questions, and get to know others better.

Some of the things you can chat with your peer mentor about:

  • Uni life and meeting people
  • understanding university platforms (LMS, Allocate+, StudentOnLine)
  • submitting assignments and referencing
  • managing studies and work life
  • support services and where to get help.

To connect with a peer mentor, contact the relevant College for your course.

College of Arts, Social Sciences & Commerce (ASSC)

If you are studying in the La Trobe Business School, La Trobe Law School, School of Education or School of Humanities & Social Sciences.

Please contact

College of Science, Health & Engineering (SHE)

If you are studying in the College of Science, Health and Engineering

Please contact

Interested in becoming a Peer Mentor? See the Become a Peer Mentor webpage and learn how to get involved.