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Self placement
Special compliance requirements Before applying, you need to check whether your proposed organisation has any compliance obligations or checks that you need to complete before you can start placement. State those requirements here.
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Describe the types of tasks you will be doing and outline your schedule of work hours - for example 4 weeks fulltime, Monday and Tuesday afternoons for 12 weeks etc.

Describe how the placement will facilitate your achievement of the SHE3FRW Intended Learning Outcomes
Use this section to upload a document containing additional project details if you were unable to fit everything in the text box above. (NOTE: PDF file type only. Max 8MB file size.)
While it is not an expectation that students in SHE3FRW be paid for their placement, some organisations do decide to make a small payment to students. Please choose the option below that best reflects your placement arrangement:

Requirements checklist

Please confirm that the proposed placement meets all of the following requirements. If you are unable to confirm any of the points below, please contact the Subject Coordinator.

  1. 100-140 hours of placement
  2. Dedicated supervisor who will oversee your work while on placement.
  3. Working onsite (i.e. not from home)
  4. Work undertaken must be relevant to your field of study
  5. The organisation should have Public and Products Liability Insurance to a minimum value of $10 million. NB: The university recognises that some small organisations such as private farms may not have this level of coverage. In this instance, please discuss with the Subject Coordinator.
  6. You hold all up-to-date compliance documentation as required by the Employer. This may include a Working With Children Check card, Police Check, and immunizations. Check with your employer to find out what they require prior to submitting your application.
  7. The organisation acknowledges that it has OH & S responsibilities towards the student. As part of these responsibilities, the organisation acknowledges that:
    1. It has a responsibility to abide by legal requirements for anti-bullying, anti-discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and cyber offenses
    2. It should have mechanisms for communicating policies and procedures to employees and workplace volunteers such as the Student
    3. It should have regular hazard inspections, safety audits and safety inspections
    4. It will provide the Student with an induction that includes the duties, work performance expectations, nature of the work environment, key hazards and risks and their mitigations, incident and accident reporting and support mechanisms

University-sourced placement

Which university-sourced SHE3FRW placement opportunity are you applying for? You can apply for more than one.

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(Placement title and number)
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