Service Learning in the Community - LTU2SLC

LTU2SLC provides students the opportunity to undertake volunteering and service-learning placements in a community setting either in Australia or overseas.

Students engage in a professional setting that promotes the development of active citizenship, social responsibility and in-depth community knowledge.  LTU2SLC combines hands-on community service with university-based assessments to reflect and evaluate your experience, a skill that enhances students' employability and self-awareness.

LTU2SLC Service Learning in the Community is an elective subject available to second year undergraduate students in both the ASSC and SHE Colleges – this subject is not discipline specific.

Undertaking a placement with a social enterprise or not-for-profit organisation means the work that you undertake will benefit the community and contribute to the organisation’s mission. This may be (but not limited to):

  • Driving social change
  • Building a fair and inclusive community
  • Supporting and empowering refugees
  • Creating sustainable and meaningful employment for disadvantaged groups in the community

LTU2SLC requires students to self source a community placement which must be approved by the Subject Coordinator prior to enrolling in the subject.  

If you require assistance to source a placement, the team has tools and resources to help you identify suitable organisations and guide you through the process. We provide a limited number of placements that we (the University) have sourced and that you may wish to apply for.

If you have difficulty finding a placement, please email the team

LTU2SLC is offered: All Campuses, 2nd Year

  • Semester 2 2020: 20 July - 16 October 2020
  • Summer 2020/2021:  2 November 2020 - 12 February 2021
  • Semester 1 2021: March – June 2021

Am I eligible?

You may be eligible for LTU2SLC if you meet the following requirements:

  • enrolled in an undergraduate program in either the College of ASSC or College of SHE
  • in your second year of study
  • have completed 120 credit points
  • have a second year elective subject available.

Students from all campuses are eligible to apply.

For information on the subject's objectives, requirements and study options, check the link below to access the subject specifics in the relevant University handbook entry:

Read the Handbook entry for LTU2SLC

Register your interest in LTU2SLC

Thinking about undertaking a placement as part of LTU2SLC?

Register your interest and we will keep you updated with key dates for information sessions, tips for sourcing placements, application closing dates etc. We will also send you details of the limited number of placements that we have available.

Note: This is a register of interest only.  Completing this form does not approve your enrolment. Students interested in enrolling in LTU2SLC are required to have their placement assessed via completion of this position description [Word doc 45KB]

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