COVID-19 response - 15 credit point opportunity

Are you making a contribution to the COVID-19 surge workforce? You may be eligible to receive 15 credit points at no charge.

La Trobe greatly appreciates the contribution our students are making to supporting the needs of our community during this difficult time. If you are undertaking work (paid or volunteer) as part of the surge workforce in response to COVID-19 you may be eligible to gain credit at no charge through enrolment in a specially designed opportunity that recognises your contribution.

Two opportunities are available, one each at undergraduate and postgraduate level, that will allow you to gain recognition of prior learning for recorded paid and volunteer work:

This opportunity is open to all students, regardless of discipline or year level. Students who are interested in applying will need to complete an application that demonstrates their contribution towards helping support relief efforts and their achievement of the intended learning outcomes. In the application, students must illustrate how the experience helped them to develop global citizenship while demonstrating the La Trobe cultural qualities (innovative, care, accountability and connected). To be eligible, surge workforce contributions must be a minimum of 100 hours in duration. 100 minimum hours need to be completed before students can apply.

Examples of relevant experiences may include students working or volunteering in health professions, government agencies, or community-based welfare organisations.

LTU3/5COV Request for Recognition of Prior Learning form [DOC 46.5KB]

Additional information

Dr Mollie Dollinger 

COVID-19 Response FAQs

What is a surge workforce?

As Australia prepares to manage and care for an increased number of people who are infected with COVID-19, the health workforce, relevant government agencies and community-based welfare organisations will need ongoing and additional support. Many La Trobe students will come from disciplines where they are able and willing to make a valuable contribution to the surge workforce.

Can I opt into the surge workforce?

It is your choice to opt into the surge workforce. Please consider your own circumstances, such as your health, personal and study commitments.

Can international students join the surge workforce?

You will need to consider your individual visa requirements before applying for available opportunities. The Commonwealth Government has relaxed visa work conditions for students enrolled in specific disciplines (e.g. nursing); however, this does not apply to all disciplines.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • Students must undertake a work or volunteer experience that is a minimum of 100 hours (there is no maximum requirement). This needs to be completed before they can apply.
  • Work or volunteering experiences need to have occurred within the previous 6 months.
  • Students will need to complete an application that demonstrates their effort towards helping support relief efforts and relevance to the intended learning outcomes.
  • Students need to discuss with their Course Coordinator where the 15 credit points will fit in their degree.
  • If students do not have elective subject available in their study plan, they will need to discuss an alternate study plan with their Course Coordinator prior to their application.
  • All applications require Course Coordinator approval.
  • This opportunity is available to all students regardless of discipline or year level.

Can students be on any campus and in any teaching period?

These 15 credit point opportunities are available in Winter session 2020 and Semester 2 2020 teaching periods.

Will I be charged?

No. As recognition of the important contribution our students are making to support our community during this challenging period, the University will not be charging students.

Where can I find the form?

The RPL form can be downloaded here or by contacting Dr Mollie Dollinger via:

Will I be covered by insurance?

Paid work experiences will be covered by the organisation as you will be considered an employee. Students who are volunteering should have an Agreement with the organisation, indicating they will provide insurance. It is important to note that the arrangement is between the organisation and yourself as the student, not La Trobe.

Anything else?

We would recommend that you ensure you undertake an appropriate induction prior to starting any work or volunteer experiences. Check that you will have a supervisor who will provide you with an appropriate level of supervision as relevant to the specific activities you are undertaking. Self-regulation is important during this period – take account of changing needs of the role, balance your university learning and personal responsibilities and your own physical and mental health and wellbeing.

If you are unsure about any of these points, speak to your work supervisor or Dr Mollie Dollinger (

In addition to the wonderful contribution you are making to support the community, you will also develop valuable skills and networks while undertaking this experience.