Service Learning in the Community

2009_0173_12-2_250_by_166Make a difference in your community

A brand new elective.

  • Learn about non-government organisations and work on a group project that helps a community organisation.
  • Ideal subject if you're thinking about working for a non-government organisation.
  • Open to second and third year students from any College.
  • Limit of 30 students.
  • Melbourne Campus only.

Service Learning in the Community (HUM2SLC) is a new elective at La Trobe University's Melbourne Campus. You'll learn about Australia's non-government organisations (NGOs) and get hands-on experience working on a group project for a community organisation.

Express your interest

Email to express your interest.

Structure of Service Learning in the Community

The subject starts with a full day symposium, to prepare you for working on a community project.  It then moves on to face-to-face tutorials, online modules and your community project.  

For your community project, you'll be matched with an organisation according to your individual skills and interests.  Your organisation will choose a project that addresses a community need and you'll work on it with approximately five other students.  

Projects may include research papers, communication and marketing campaigns, fundraising activities, writing grant applications or evaluating projects.  

Throughout the subject, you'll also be asked to reflect on your learning.

What you’ll learn from your course work

You'll explore topics that may include:

  • the role of NGOs in society
  • the development of NGOs in Australia
  • the challenges of NGOs in the 21st century
  • the politics of promoting social change
  • sustainability
  • change agency
  • professionalism in community settings.

What you’ll learn and experience from your group project

Your project will give you:

  • direct exposure to the workings of NGOs
  • experience working in a team to achieve a common goal for the greater good
  • opportunities to develop your communication, leadership, teamwork, conflict resolution and organisational skills.

How you’ll be assessed

You'll be assessed through:

  • online quizzes
  • a group project plan
  • a reflective essay
  • a group presentation on the outcomes of your community project.

Who should enrol

The subject is designed for students who:

  • have an interest in the non-government sector
  • want to make a difference in their community
  • are seeking professional experience in the sector.  

It's ideal for students who want to work in the sector when they graduate.

It's open to second and third year students from any college at the Melbourne campus.   

If you aren't enrolled in a course from the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce, ask your college office if you're eligible to enrol.

How to enrol