ASSC Student Advisory Group video transcript

My name is Nathan, I’m studying Law and Commerce. I’m in my first year of the Undergraduate degree.

Hi, my name is Malshani Perera, I’m from Sri Lanka, and I’m studying Master of Business Analytics at La Trobe City campus.

I joined the Student Advisory Group because I was involved in a lot of leadership during high school, but coming in to university, I was a little bit lost so the Student Advisory Group felt like the perfect natural progression from what I had already been doing as well as building upon those skills that I had learned.

I joined SAG committee this year because my intention was to engage more with La Trobe University, especially the Bundoora campus because I am from City campus so the intention was to come and see what’s happening with the university and what are the things that they are going to do for students, as well as how I can give my contribution towards the university as an international student.

Through my experience, I’ve been able to share my opinions on topics like subject selection, and student retention, and new students coming to the university and how it can be easier for them. It’s been really pleasing to see the results of this put into effect around the university, and that’s really pleasing to see for me.

My main concern was the City campus because I am from City campus and I felt that we didn’t get a lot of chance to be with the university, especially with the Bundoora campus so I remember the first meeting I raised this as a concern so after that I really saw that there were a lot of things happening at the city campus and I think it’s based on our comments.

Through the Student Advisory Group, I’ve learned a lot of soft skills, like how to conduct myself in meetings, write emails, and speak to people on the Executive. These are skills that are really valuable in the workforce so when I am looking for employment, I will be able to use the Student Advisory Group as an example of when I have demonstrated these skills.

Please feel free to come and join because this is a really enjoyable and interesting platform for you to be with the university and the SAG committee

One of the great things about the Student Advisory Group is that there’s a lot of food at the meetings so if there already wasn’t enough incentive to come to the meetings, there’s a little bit more for you if you want to get involved.