Become a Connect Volunteer

Connect Volunteers are involved in a orientation program coordinated by the La Trobe Student Engagement Team, with the primary aim of welcoming new students to our La Trobe community and helping them transition to University life.

What are the benefits of participating?

Participants in the Connect Volunteer Program are provided a specialised learning experience through custom designed training and professional supervision developing new skills and their knowledge base. For example, skills in team work, leadership and public speaking.

Participants build invaluable professional networks with fellow students and staff across the University and make a diverse group of new friends.

  • The Connect Volunteer program is a pathway to casual employment at La Trobe University. Participants who successfully complete the program are eligible to apply for a Connect Leadership role the following semester, which consists of paid causal positions in the Student Engagement team.
  • Credit your volunteering hours towards building blocks in the Career Ready Advantage program.

What's involved?

University Orientation Welcome

During the Orientation Welcome, Connect Volunteers assist the Student Engagement Team in facilitating a peer-to-peer program of activities. They work in teams supervised by Connect Leaders, who report directly to the Senior Student Engagement Officer, Student Engagement.

First six weeks (Weeks 1-6)

Connect Volunteers may maintain contact with new students throughout the orientation period and first six weeks of the semester via face-to-face activities, with the aim of helping them navigate their transition to university life within a supportive friendly, accessible environment.

Training and Supervision

All Connect Volunteers receive extensive professional training and skills in public speaking and working in a team, which enables them to participate in all components of the University Orientation program.

For more information contact the Connect Volunteer program coordinator at your campus.