Become a Peer Mentor

The Peer Mentor program assists new students to get started at university and make connections in their courses/disciplines. As a Peer Mentor you will help build confidence and a sense of belonging for new students by sharing your own experiences. Becoming a Peer Mentor is an opportunity to help other students, while developing graduate skills to benefit your study and career.

This program can also be counted towards the Host AND Mentor categories of the Emerging Leaders Program (login required).

How does it work and what do Mentors do?

As a Mentor you will engage with new students from their course/discipline, by:

  • facilitating activities as part of Orientation Course Essentials sessions
  • hosting online meetups with small groups of students to chat about life and study.

Who can become a Peer Mentor?

To become a Peer Mentor, you need to:

  • be a currently enrolled student at La Trobe,
  • have completed at least one semester of study
  • have a proactive and positive attitude
  • be a good communicator and able to relate to new students, and
  • be willing to share your experience with other students.

Why should you become a Peer Mentor?

Our Mentors tell us, "I definitely valued the experience. It made me feel more connected to the university and I made a bunch of friends I didn’t expect I would have much in common with".

You will also:

  • enhance your interpersonal & leadership attributes, and develop new networks
  • boost your resume by developing a range of skills highly valued by employers
  • gain formal credit via the University’s Career Ready Advantage and the Emerging Leaders Program (login required)
  • receive a written reference from the College, and a Certificate of Participation signed by the Associate Provost.