Exchange partners

La Trobe students going out on exchange

You can go on exchange to any of the 150 universities we have direct exchange partnerships with, or you can work with a La Trobe Abroad Coordinator to arrange an exchange with one of the 300+ universities in the International Student Exchange Partnership (ISEP) network.

Steps to apply for exchange

  • Choose a partner university - you should choose a partner based on the subject relevance to your La Trobe degree and the placement chance. Placement chance is classified as:
    1. High chance of being placed at this institution
    2. Fair chance of being placed at this institution
    3. Limited chance of being placed at this institution
    4. Very limited chance of being placed at this institution.

If you choose a partner with a limited or very limited placement chance as your first preference, you must also include partners with a fair or high placement chance as second and third preferences. You can only choose one partner with a limited or very limited placement chance for each semester of application.

Please note that placement chances are affected by the number of inbound and outbound applicants each semester. The placement chances listed below apply only to the current application period, and are subject to change.

  • Calculate credit points - You must seek a full semester load (60 La Trobe credit points) of subject approvals for each semester of your program. Our partners may have different crediting systems, so ensure you refer to the 60 La Trobe credit points equivalency column in the tables below to determine how much of the partner credit points you will need to meet the full semester load requirement. We recommend getting additional subject approvals as back-up options in case you need to replace any subjects once you arrive.

Please note: The host credit equivalence column is a guide only and is subject to final determination and approval by the Course Coordinator.

International students coming to La Trobe

If your university is listed below, you can study at La Trobe for a semester or a year and get credit towards your home degree. Get in contact with your university's student exchange team to arrange your application.

Direct exchange partnerships


Placement chanceUniversityEstimated 60 La Trobe credit points equivalencyStudy areas
High chanceTel Aviv University3 - 4 subjectsBusiness and law
Business, economics, international business, laws.

Special conditions

Several universities listed above have special conditions noted as '*' or '**'.

*This university has language prerequisites.

**Due to current exchange balances, La Trobe University is unable to send students to this university on exchange until further notice. Students from this university are eligible to apply for exchange to La Trobe.

Travel warnings

Travel warnings and risk assessments apply to all destinations. Programs may be cancelled at any time depending on the assessed risk level for each country.