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Using playlists and learning paths

Whether you’re transforming your career or sharpening skills in your current role, playlists & Learning Paths can guide your success.

A playlist is a skills-based, tailored compilation of courses, put together by content experts, that guide you through a variety of learning topics. You can create your own customized playlist through the Playlist Center or follow the recommendations listed below.

A Learning Path is a role-based, curated collection of sequenced courses that guide you through an in-depth topic. This is supported by quizzes, practice opportunities and learning reminders.

To get started with Learning Paths:

  1. Choose a topic
  2. click Filter Paths
  3. click a Learning Path to:
    1. find out what subjects are covered
    2. learn how long it will take to complete
    3. discover the skills it covers.

Skills on the side

Digital marketing


Title Duration
SEO for Ecommerce1 hour 44 minutes
Analyzing Your Website to Improve SEO1 hour 47 minutes
SEO Tools Fundamentals1 hour 52 minutes
International SEO Fundamentals1 hour 59 minutes
Explore SEO & SEMVaries (curated playlists)


Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals2 hours and 27 minutes
Top 5 Money-Saving AdWords Tips6 minutes
Lead Generation Fundamentals1 hour and 33 minutes

Digital transformation