Career Ready Advantage

Career Ready Advantage, available on the MyLaTrobe app, is designed to help you actively prepare for your life beyond your degree. It’s co-designed with industry to help you develop the skills and personal attributes employers have told us they want.

We’ve curated 24 Learn activities, comprised of engaging tutorials, TED Talks, podcasts and videos. Each Learn activity takes around two hours to complete and counts towards one Career Ready block. The more blocks you earn, the more rewards − such as internships and mentoring opportunities − you’ll unlock.

View the list of Learn activities on the MyLaTrobe app or find out more about Career Ready Advantage

Testing Knowledge

Confirm your progress with chapter quizzes, exercise files and coding practice environments.

  • Quizzes are designed to reinforce your comprehension and boost your confidence when applying new skills. You can opt to take the quiz directly after a chapter has concluded, or come back to it later. Confirm your progress with chapter quizzes, exercise files and coding practice environments.
  • Exercise files are supplemental project files or informational documents the instructor uses to teach courses.
  • Coding practice, where available, allows you to follow along with a tutorial and apply your programming language skills in real time.

Celebrating Success

Post completed courses and new skills to your LinkedIn profile and share them with your network. Once you’ve completed a course, you can add a certificate of completion and the skills associated with that course to your profile. Choose either of these approaches:

  1. Click your profile menu.
  2. Click Certificates.
  3. Click View/Print or Share.
  4. After the course has run, share your achievement by clicking the social media icons (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter).

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