iUSEpass Application

Do you have a valid La Trobe student ID card?
I'm sorry, you are not eligible for an iUSEpass.
Are you enrolled in an undergraduate course?
I'm sorry, you are not eligible for an iUSEpass.
Are you enrolled in full time?
I'm sorry, you are not eligible for an iUSEpass.
Which zone do you wish to obtain a code for?
Please check the zones page to make sure you request the correct zone.






Terms and conditions
  • I must pay any outstanding debt to La Trobe University before I apply for an iUSEpass;
  • I understand the conditions of eligibility for the iUSEpass and agree to advise La Trobe University if my study circumstances change;
  • I understand that the iUSEpass can only be used within the zone for which I have purchased and have determined that this suits my needs;
  • I agree that if I am issued an iUSEpass code for the purpose of purchasing an iUSEpass, that the code and the pass are for use only by me as an enrolled student at La Trobe University and is not transferable;
  • I understand that I am required to pay upfront when I receive my unique code and register for an iUSEpass;
  • I understand it is my responsibility to activate my iUSEpass within 30 days of receiving the card in the post;
  • The information I have provided on this form, as well as a copy of my student photo, may be shared with PTV for auditing purposes.

La Trobe University respects the privacy of your personal information. We collect personal information about you to process your application. Details regarding collection, use, disclosure and access of personal information from this form are available from www.latrobe.edu.au/privacy or by contacting ASK La Trobe, or telephoning on 1300 LA TROBE (1300 528 7623).