Programs and activities

International Student Services runs a number of programs and activities for international students to encourage student engagement and participation and to help you enjoy your time at La Trobe.


La Trobe University's official Orientation for newly arrived students. Orientation is full of information, interaction and fun, so make sure you attend!

Student Volunteer eFriend Program

Every semester, we recruit student volunteers - eFriends - to provide peer-to-peer support to new international students via the online Transition@LaTrobe group. Actions involve posting a welcome post; answering queries; posting relevant and useful media; referring students to staff contact where issues are involved; guiding students on where to find information.  If you volunteer, you will develop skills in communication, social media, and problem solving, and play an essential role in supporting new international students for a quick adjustment into studies and life in Australia.


Volunteering gives you the opportunity to get involved in the local community. You'll gain skills and experience, network, get training and exposure to the Australian culture and community in action.

Cultural Diversity Activities

At La Trobe, we are proud to be international! We invite everyone to join us to celebrate La Trobe's cultural diversity.

International Student Services (ISS) with the help of other student support services organize events throughout the year to celebrate all different cultures at La Trobe!

Reintegration - Completion of studies

Information catered specifically for international students who are completing their studies.

La Trobe Student Association (LTSA)

La Trobe Student Association welcomes all international students studying on-shore and off-shore. Whether you form part of our metro, regional or online campus communities, LTSA is here for you.

Students can engage in activities for International Students via the LTSA website, and the LTSA International Facebook page.