Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find some of the most commonly asked questions from new students about the Connect Volunteer Program.

Remember, your Connect Volunteers are a fantastic source of information and are there to support you!

When will I meet my Connect Volunteer?

You'll meet your Connect Volunteers at Orientation, usually at your course or school information session.

What is a Connect Volunteer?

A Connect Volunteer is an experienced student that can help you to settle into University quickly.

What can my Connect Volunteer help me with?

You can ask the Connect Volunteers anything related to starting at university. You can also ask them general questions related to your course. They know from personal experience what it's like to be a new student. They can give you important 'insider information' that only a student would know from experience. They're friendly, helpful, approachable and available to support you.

Your Connect Volunteer will help make the transition less daunting and take the stress out of starting uni. They can answer practical questions related to your start at university, like:

  • Timetabling issues
  • How to submit assignments
  • Managing the work load
  • Finding your way around the uni and the library
  • Where the best places are to eat and relax on campus
  • How to use all of the support services available to help you

What can't my Connect Volunteer help me with?

Your Connect Volunteer is like a guide who has walked the same path before. However, please remember, they are not:

  • private tutors
  • counsellors
  • your representative for academic matters and disputes.

If you need specialist help, your Connect Volunteer will connect you to the right support service at the University. Alternatively, you can find more sources of help on Ready4Uni.

What are the expectations on me?

Connect Volunteers put in a lot of effort but you'll only get the most from the experience if you participate too.

To get the most from the program we recommend you:

  • communicate with and respond to your Connect Volunteer
  • ask questions and make the most of the support available
  • be willing to act on your Connect Volunteer's advice and help yourself

Got any further questions?

Please contact the coordinating staff member on your campus.