Week 6: Connect with enriching opportunities

Being a university student can open the door to many exciting and enriching opportunities such as studying overseas for a semester, undertaking an internship or volunteering on or near your campus.

Broadening your university experience is one of the best things you can do to develop skills, improve your employability and improve your overall satisfaction with your studies.

Things to do in your sixth week

The A-Z of university terminology

Universities use lots of phrases not used in other settings.  Here are some you may come across:

Advanced Standing is credit awarded for previous studies. Credit can go towards your current degree based on study completed through another tertiary institution (including TAFE), another program at La Trobe, or relevant work experience.

Excluded subjects are subjects that you are not permitted to take. For example, science students may be excluded from doing specific subjects from a certain college, school or department. Any excluded subjects for your course should be listed in your course description in the University Handbook.

Conceded Pass is awarded to students who achieve a mark of 48% or 49% and meet specified criteria.