Week 4: Connect with university resources and services

Balancing university studies with employment, health issues or family responsibilities can be a challenge. It can also be academically challenging if you haven't studied for a while or if English is your second language.

Your wellbeing is our concern, so we have many easy-to-access services to help you be successful at University.  Seeking help is a normal part of student life.

Academic support

Connect with the people and online resources to support your learning including the Library, Study Support, Peer Learning Adviser's and IT support.

Personal support

There are many services and online resources here to help with other aspects of your life, such as:

  • finding accommodation
  • living well
  • childcare
  • emergency financial assistance
  • legal services
  • advocacy
  • counselling

just to name a few.

Face-to-face services vary between campuses so please refer to the Students website for campus-specific information.

Things to do in your fourth week

  • Talk to your subject coordinator, course coordinator, academic adviser, careers consultant or ASK La Trobe staff if you have any concerns about your enrolment. There is just one week left to withdraw from subjects before Census date. After that, you'll have to pay subject fees.
  • Check your university email account for official messages.

The A-Z of university terminology

Universities use lots of phrases not used in other settings.  Here are some you may come across:

Deferment is delaying the start of the course you've been offered.

Intermission of studies (leave of absence) is a period of leave from your studies after you've started them. Colleges set policies regarding the administration of this process.

Prerequisite is a subject you must complete before enrolling in a more advanced subject. For example, you must complete Level 1 Maths before enrolling in Level 2 Maths.

Study load is the total number of credit points you undertake in a term.