Week 1: Connect with your campus


For many new students, the highest priorities in week 1 are finding their way around campus and online, sorting out their timetable and getting to know their classmates.  Whatever your concerns, there are resources and people to help you.

Sort out your timetable

If you're having difficulty sorting out your timetable, visit or call ASK La Trobe.

Find your way

If you're still getting a bit lost, don't feel bad. We've all been there. The Lost on Campus app for your smart phone can help. Maps are also available online.

If you're having trouble figuring out room and building codes, take a look at our guide to classroom and building codes.

Connect to your online class resources

Each of your subjects will have materials and activities on the Learning Management System (LMS). If you're having difficulty using the system, talk to your tutor or call Student IT Support on 1300 528 762 and choose option 3 (all campuses).

Connect with other students

There are many opportunities to meet new people who share your interests at university:

Things to do in your first week