First six weeks

Semester has started and there's so much to learn about university life. 

Don't worry if you can't remember everything you heard at Orientation - the First Six Weeks program is here to help. We'll guide you on the important things you need to do and learn in your first six weeks at uni, so that you're set for success.

Make the most of your time at university by connecting with activities, clubs, people, and resources. Students who get involved and embrace the opportunities available to them are more likely to succeed in their studies and achieve their goals.

Week 1: Connect with your campus

Connect with your campus

Week 2: Connect with your course

Connect with your course

Week 3: Connect with academic culture

Connect with Academic Culture

Week 4: Connect with university resources and services

Connect with university resources and services

Week 5: Connect with your future

Connect with your future

Week 6: Connect with enriching opportunities

Extra curricular