COVID-Safe Student-Led Activities

All student-led activities must be submitted to the Clubs team for referral to the University.

How to organise a COVID-Safe Agora stall or student-led activity on campus

All on-campus student-led activities, including stalls in common spaces such as the Agora, require the approval. The Clubs team will work with each Club & Society to develop a Safety Risk Assessment (SRA), book your space and lodge all COVIDSafe compliance documents.

To host a stall or event on campus, it is important to understand the below:

  1. Spaces can only be booked with a valid approved safety risk assessment (SRA). This can be completed online via the Event Safety Risk Assessment form. To complete this form, you must upload all relevant documents and plans at least 2 weeks prior to your event.
  2. We ask that you consult with the Clubs team at least two weeks in advance of the event to ensure the University has time to approve the activity and for a space to be booked. Please note this includes the submission of the ESRA at least two weeks before the proposed event date. The University is keen to promote student engagement on campus and will work as fast as it can to approve activities with the correct documentation.
  3. All student-led activities are required to follow these processes, regardless of whether the activity is from an affiliated Club and Society or not. Additional support is available through the Clubs and Societies program should a club or society choose to register with the University; this support is funded through the Student Services and Amenities Fee.
  4. Student-led sporting activities continue to be managed by La Trobe Sport. Social activities linked to sporting groups fall under their existing processes.
  5. Students who fail to comply with these measures will be referred for investigation under the University’s General Misconduct Statute, and other relevant policies and procedures. Breaches by student organisations will be managed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Notify the Clubs team of your event type, the scale and other key event information via The team may require a meeting to discuss the specific needs of your event or activity, particularly in relation to risk management and budget requirements.

2. Submit a completed Event Safety Risk Assessment (ESRA) for approval. Depending on requirements at the time, you may also be required to submit a COVIDSafe Event Plan available here. Wait for approval or provide additional details as requested by the assessor.

3. Provide the Clubs team with your approved ESRA and finalise space bookings and grant requests.

The University requires a completed Safety Risk Assessment (SRA) and COVIDSafe Event Plan. The SRA has to be approved before the activity can go ahead.

These documents enable the activity organiser to put in place appropriate measures to mitigate against the risk of COVID transmission. It also supports the University in meeting our DHHS requirements as the activity risk owner.

Required documents (a completed Safety Risk Assessment (SRA)) must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the proposed event date. The SRA has to be approved before the activity can go ahead. Note that larger scale activities or those with increased risk require more work and can take longer to assess - the earlier you submit your risk assessment the better!

The University provides funding to support Clubs and Societies. It is a requirement that student-led activities be submitted to the University for assessment. Please contact the Clubs team to discuss your club's particular circumstances via

The Event Safety Risk Assessment (ESRA) is an important tool for guiding activity organisers in keeping attendees safe. The SRA will require the organiser to outline how risk mitigations such as social distancing, personal protective equipment (masks, gloves) and QR codes can be useful in meeting these obligations. It also includes how you will mitigate other non-covid risks.

The Clubs team is available to support you with your SRA events/activities lodgements and venue bookings. The Clubs team can be contacted via