Getting help

If you're facing challenges, La Trobe has a number of services that can help you.

What's your issue?

Issue Who to contact
Academic progress

Advocacy - help with representing yourself

Student Learning - help with academic skills

International Student Services - support for international students

Indigenous Student Services - support for Indigenous students

Academic misconduct allegation Advocacy

Read general guidance on academic misconduct

Academic skills Learning Support and Programs

Library learning support

Accommodation on campus Living at La Trobe
Advocacy Student advocacy
Bullying Safer Community
Course-related Course Coordinator (as per Handbook) or Student Advising
Cultural Student Health and Wellbeing - Respect for other cultures
Disability AccessAbility Hub
Discrimination Student Complaints Office
English skills Library learning support
Financial Financial assistance

Financial Counselling

General complaint Student Complaints Office
General misconduct allegation Student Advocacy
LGBTiQA+ Student Health and Wellbeing - LGBTIQA+ resources
Harassment Safer Community
Indigenous student Indigenous Student Support
International student International Student Support
Language Learning Support and Programs

Library learning support

Learning Learning Support and Programs

Library learning support

Legal La Trobe Student Legal Service
Personal Student Health and Wellbeing
Refugee AccessAbility Hub - Refugee support
Sexual discrimination Safer Community
Show cause Student Advocacy
Stalking Safer Community
Warning letter Student Advocacy