Attending or in absentia

Several weeks before your graduation ceremony we will send you an email invitation with instructions on how to register to attend the ceremony, graduate 'in absentia', or defer graduation to a later ceremony.

Attending the graduation ceremony

If you want to attend the graduation ceremony, follow the instructions in the email to register for the ceremony and pay the relevant fees online (by credit card).

Graduating 'in absentia' (without attending a ceremony)

If you don't want to attend a ceremony, you can choose to graduate 'in absentia', no fee is required. Please note: If you graduate in absentia you cannot attend a later ceremony for this award.

We will send your testamur (certificate) up to six weeks after the graduation ceremony. If you would prefer to collect it in person, you select to collect from your campus.

Deferring your graduation

If you select the option to defer graduation we will email you a new invitation several weeks before the next round of ceremonies (later the same year, or early-mid next year).

You will not receive your testamur (certificate) until you choose to attend a ceremony or graduate 'in absentia'.