Apply to graduate

Graduation email

If you're eligible to graduate, we will email a graduation invitation (to your La Trobe email address) a few weeks before your round of ceremonies.

Can't see a graduation email in your inbox? Check your 'clutter' and deleted items folders.

Follow the instructions in the email to register to attend a ceremony, graduate 'in absentia' (graduate and receive your testamur without attending a ceremony), or defer your graduation to a later round of ceremonies.

You are eligible to graduate if you:

  • have met credit requirements for your course
  • have a course status of 'passed'
  • don't owe any money to the University.

View the Upcoming ceremony dates page.

Graduating at a ceremony overseas

A graduation ceremony is normally held in Singapore during Semester 2.
If you want further information about graduating in Singapore please Ask a Question.

Graduating 'in absentia'

If you have passed your course and do not want to attend a graduation ceremony, you need to request to graduate 'in absentia' and have your testamur (certificate) mailed to you or you can choose to collect it from ASK La Trobe or your local Student Administration office. We will send you a graduation email before the ceremony, which will include information on how to graduate in absentia.

If you require your testamur (certificate) earlier than the next scheduled graduation, contact ASK La Trobe with your request (please include your student ID number and postal address) and we will advise you of the next available date to graduate in absentia (out-of-session).

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