Are you eligible for special consideration? [COVID-19]

Special consideration is made available by the University on the understanding that students will use it sparingly and only in cases of proven genuine need.

Falsifying documents is considered fraud and treated very seriously. A false statement would be grounds for misconduct and may have serious consequences.

Please note: if you have already been granted special consideration e.g. special exam, alternative assessment task, extension etc.) for the same subject and assessment task, you will need to provide documentary evidence to demonstrate that you were impacted by an extraordinary circumstance (eg: evidence of total incapacitation or hospitalisation at the time of the assessment task was to be sat, presented or submitted).

Important COVID-19 notice

Although existing rules around Special Consideration will continue to apply throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that usual supporting documentation may be difficult to obtain. We ask that you answer the following questions to assist us with the delivery of continuous and flexible support during this challenging time.

Please note that this information is subject to change, as we continue to vigilantly review and monitor the coronavirus situation.

Am I eligible for Special Consideration?