Eligibility criteria and supporting documentation

We recognise that the COVID-19 pandemic is a unique situation and to minimise further stress on our students, some of the existing rules around special consideration processes have been adjusted. Find out more: Special consideration and COVID-19


Special consideration is specifically intended to support students who experience circumstances that are:

  • serious,
  • short-term or immediate impact,
  • adverse, and
  • unforeseen.

Circumstance must significantly affect your ability to complete an assessment task to the best of your potential.

Some circumstances are not handled via Special Consideration. To find out about other support services for assessments and exams please visit the Problems with assessments and exams website.


  • You must provide documentation to substantiate the circumstance
  • Documentation must also indicate the date of the circumstance and/or date(s) of impact
  • Use the La Trobe Medical Impact Statement for applications made on medical grounds. A medical certificate will not suffice, and your application will be delayed if additional documentation needs to be provided
  • Documents in languages other than English must be translated by NAATI-accredited translator, OR a La Trobe University staff member


Assessment task is worth less than 15%

Assessment task is worth 15% or more