Student videos

Hamish: The study tank 

"The next time you go to study again, it doesn't matter how much it is, every different amount that goes in there counts. So you might have a few hour blocks so you've filled up a lot more."

Daniel: The science of wasting time

Laura: Spotlight on mental health

'So studying nursing has really brought to my attention the rate at which mental health issues affect Australians today and I feel like knowing what to do in those situations and encountering it isn't just for nurses and health professionals to learn about.'

Alisha: Where to eat in the Agora

'Being a poor uni student you don't have to fork out that much for food. This is my rough guide of cheap places to eat um, while being healthy or unhealthy so here they are.'

Rose: Exchange is the destination

'I'll go over to Glasgow tomorrow to check out my new apartment, and next time I see you guys, I'll be sailing through Croatia and looking at the rest of Europe.'

Alisha: What is Public Health?

'From stop signs at street corners to ensuring clean drinking water for all as just some of the areas that encompass public health .'

Hamish: Occupational Balance

'Daily activities fit into three categories: self care, productivity and leisure.'

Laura: A day in the life

'On nursing placements you work normal shift work with qualified midwives and nursing staff as if you were doing a full time job.'

Kaytlyn: Tips on how to study

'Your student diary is a great way to keep track of assignment deadlines and plan you week.'

Daniel: What is the industry cadetship program

'Over the summer you can work in your preferred industry to apply your classroom knowledge in a real-life setting in the workplace.'

Alisha: Essentials for a full day at uni

'You'll need a sturdy bag to carry all the things you need to be prepared for a full day of classes.'

Laura:  The different study options in Health sciences 

'I chose to study health sciences because I loved studying health, biology and psychology in year 12. It is a practical course that relates back to real-life experiences.'

Daniel: Mid-semestering away in Mt. Buffalo

'At uni, you have a big break between semesters. I like to use this time to explore Victoria.'

Rose: My pathway into law

'I did two years of an arts degree then I transferred into a double arts/law degree.'

Hamish: Placement Preparation 

' Before placement make sure you get in touch with your supervisors to find out about what uniforms you have to wear, what forms you need to fill out and to learn about some of the tasks you'll be doing.'

Daniel: A day in the microbiology lab

'This is how my day usually starts, up early and off to the lab.'

Kaytlyn: Getting ready for inside the classroom

'How do you prepare for coming straight out of high school to going into the classroom as a teacher the next year?'

Alisha: Volunteering

'Start researching what you can actually do and what skills you can gain from helping others.'

Daniel: What is the careers hub?

'I want to talk about employment and some of the opportunities that are available at La Trobe to really help you get that dream job.'

'The resume is the first impression you're going to give to an employer...get some advice.'

Rose: Money to help you study overseas

'You might be thinking it costs a lot of money.'s all going to be okay.'

'If you put your mind to it, you can save quite a bit....'

Laura: Save a life with CPR

'Today I've gotten all dressed up in my nursing uniform.'

'Larry here has just collapsed from a heart attack. It's now your job to make sure oxygen gets to his brain.'

Hamish: Hand hygiene

'Many people don't realise that hands act as a communicator of 80% of infectious diseases.'

'I'm going to teach you one of the hand cleaning exercises that we learned in the first year of Health Sciences.'

Alisha: Doing your exams, the right way

'A study in Sweden has associated late night computer use with high levels of stress'.

'I asked my friends what helps them to relax...'

Rose: Eat, Learn, Love - La Trobe!

'Here on campus there is a little bit of competition as to who can make the best coffee.'

'Come down here soon and check it out for yourselves.'

Hamish: Inside Experience La Trobe - Bendigo

'I just love looking around and seeing everyone socialising and making friends, being really familiar, it's really good to see.'

'Experience La Trobe – what a day it's been and I can't wait to come back next year and do it all again.'